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How to Prepare for your Procedure

(7-10 days prior)

*No blood thinners

*No Motrin/Ibuprofen, Asprin, Niacin or Vitamin E for one week prior to your procedure

*No Botox for two months prior to (and two months after) procedure

*No Retin-A or other Retinol products for ten days prior (aviod putting said products directly onto microbladed eyesbrows post procedure also, these products can cause dramatic fading)

*Avoid unnecessary sun exposure for at least ten days

*Brows need to be waxed or threaded into their defined shape no later than three days before microblading procedure. 

What to Expect During your Procedure

All microblading procedures take place in a clean and private room where complete focus is placed on the outcome of your eyebrows.  A topical numbing cream is administered to dull sensation and make you as comfortable as possible.  While numbing, a cusomized pigment shade is formulated for each individual.  The correct pigment shade is determined by factors such as skin color, undertone, moisutre retention and texture.  In order to achieve the most desireable brow shape, measurements of your face are taken using specific tools.  These measurments help me form an outline that is created based on your unique bone structure.  Once the outline is in place, your look is agreed upon and the numbing cream takes affect a very light blade stroke is applied.  This stroke is called a skeleton stroke and its purpose is to very gently open up the skin for the second numbing agent to be used.  This second numbing gel works quicker than the first and within 5-7 minutes we are ready to start microblading!  During the microblaing procedure a hand tool is used to implant pigment into the skin in such a way that a natural looking hair stroke is created.  This process is repeated until the desired shape and density are achieved.  If discomfort is felt during the pigment implantation process a third numbing solution is available.  At the end of your appointment a sealant is spread over the brow area to protect your freshly bladed brows and also help pigment stay implanted.  

*if you have ang questions about the procedure of microblading please feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]

or phone/text at (209)614-3134

What To Expect After your Procedure 

How well you take care of your brows post appointment is a fundamental factor in the final outcome. It is important to use the provided aftercare product and not petroleum jelly or vaseline as these products can cause crusting and scabbing. As I will mention below flaking, itching and tightness are normal but you shouldn't really see scabbing. After showering, gently patting the area dry is ok but avoid rubbing and picking. Your newly microbladed eyebrows will initially appear dark but will fade 30-40% within the first 10 days. Avoiding UVA and UVB rays is a must, these rays stimulate pigment fading/dulling cells. Using a non-greasy sunscreen will greatly improve the longevity of your eyebrows.

*Leave silicone sealant used at the end of your appointment on your newly microbladed brows for 12-24 hours, remove with a damp cotton ball and warm water.

*Always properly wash your hands before touching or applying an aftercare product to your brow area.

*Apply a thin layer of provided aftrcare product (Aquaphor) 4-5 times daily for seven to ten days post procedure.

*No picking! During the healing process (can take up to 4-6 weeks) some flaking, itching and tightness is normal, avoid excessivly touching your brow area.

*No tanning beds, saunas, excessive sweating or makeup on or around the brow area for a minum of ten days after being microbladed.

*The use of glycolic acid, Retin-A and other anti-wrinkle treatments will cause negative effects on the final result of your blading procedure. These products must be avoided.

*No waxing or threading for 3 weeks post procedure.

*Botox should be avoided for 2 months after (and two months prior) to procedure, a touch up appointment will most likley be needed 6 weeks after your initial visit.